American Tragedy, by John Lapp

Last Friday we witnessed an explosion, an event that, like Watergate, will shape politics and the way we see government in America for years to come. This is a solemn time, and gives us a moment to remember what men can do when they abuse the power given to them by our nation. The first indictment was handed down in the investigation initiated by the CIA, and "Scooter" Libby, the right-hand man of the Vice President, faces five counts of perjury and obstruction of justice in connection with a profound betrayal of national security -- the outing of a covert CIA agent.
Karl Rove remains under investigation, and as Republican Senator Trent Lott put it this weekend, "If this is going to be ongoing, if he has a problem, I think he's got to step up, and, you know, acknowledge that and deal with it." It's easy to forget that President Bush long ago promised to fire anybody involved, a promise that undermines White House credibility every day Rove continues to work there.
The desperate spin and attacks from the Republicans have already begun, and we must remind America of the facts behind this case, and what makes these indictments so monumentally important. We've put it all into a video; we are asking you to watch it and spread the word by forwarding it to everybody you know:
Watch the Videohttp://whatcounts.com/t?ctl=F97F93:2AA074B

The White House announced on Monday the elevation of John Hannah to replace Libby as Cheney's national security adviser. Earlier in the day it announced that Libby would be arraigned Thursday in federal court on charges of perjury, making false statements and obstruction of justice. He was expected to plead innocent.
The White House also announced that David S. Addington, who's been Cheney's legal counsel, would assume Libby's duties as chief of staff. Like Hannah, Addington has played a quiet, though influential, role in the vice president's office. The Washington director of Human Rights Watch accused Addington of helping draft policies that led to the abuse of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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