O Exército de Israel obedecerá?

Jane's Foreign Report, the authoritative weekly intelligence digest, says hundreds of Orthodox rabbis, including some in the armed forces, have called on IDF soldiers to refuse to uproot settlements in Gaza and the West Bank. A movement called "Defensive Shield" claims to have collected 10,000 signatures of soldiers and reservists who have pledged to refuse orders to dismantle any of the 21 settlements in Gaza and 145 in the West Bank. They house 8,200 and 243,000 Jewish settlers respectively.

"Israel's army, long considered one of the main pillars of the Jewish state and a great social equalizer, is in grave danger of being politicized," said Foreign Report. It has been infiltrated by right-wingers for more than a decade -- Orthodox seminary graduates and hard-line settlers. Some estimates put the number of diehard right-wingers at 30 percent of the IDF officer corps.

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