Do not be stupid Mr. Prashan!

Dear editor of Forum Portugal_Goa

I was surprised that the Goa Forum carried such a piece as the one written by Mr. Shankarnarayan
Do not be stupid Mr. Prashant Shankarnarayan; and please do not use fuzzy logic to associate Portugal with a haven for criminals. After all, it was the Portuguese Police, not the IU police, that captured Abu Salem in a very difficult operation. It was the Portuguese Court that authorized his extradition to India. What the Portuguese Supreme Court asked India was not to execute Mr. Abu Salem because of the abolition of the death penalty in Portugal since 1869. It was the French author Vitor Hugo that coined then his formula " We salute Portugal as a newfounland of Mercy".
In Portugal and in Europe we are sorry that countries like United States, Indian Union and PAkistan keep the death penalty. Some spiritual evolution and consideration for the 1948 Human Rights Declaration is missing.

So again, be not stupid Mr. Prashant Shankarnarayan. Worry yourself that India has fascists like Mrs. Uma Bharti, a senior member of India's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and be more enlightened about what is happening in Europe and Portugal. We discovered India some 500 hundred years ago, It is time you discover us.

Mendo Castro Henriques

Why do criminals prefer Portugal?
By: Prashant Shankarnarayan
December 4, 2005
Mid-Day, Bombay,
Portugal comes under the Schengen zone. A person with a Schengen visa can move around 15 countries within Europe, without border checks.
Portugal is in the news, thanks to Abu Salem. But the mafia don is not the only one who sought refuge in this European country. There were many others before him and the reasons behind this human smuggling are history and legalities.

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