To Save Darfur

A civilian killed by the Sudanese Government backed Janjaweed militia in Farawyaiah, West Darfur. The soldiers in the background are from the Sudanese Liberation Army, one of many military factions in the region. Photographed August 24, 2004, by Lynsey Addario. This is the first in an on-going RBN series of photos from the east African nation.

(Enviado por Martins Branco)

To Save Darfur

Without rapidly boosting international forces in the region, the Darfur crisis and the escalating proxy war between Sudan and Chad will cost tens of thousands more lives and destabilise a wide swathe of Africa. The small African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS) has reached its military and political limits, and the African Union has accepted in principle a UN mission after September 2006. However, the situation cries out for a new multinational force with a strong protection mandate, distinct from AMIS but working with it, to bridge the gap over the crucial next six months. A militarily capable UN member state – France seems the most promising candidate – should offer to the Security Council to lead for this purpose a blue-helmet stabilisation force, consisting of some 5,000 troops.

To find out more, visit our “Crisis in Darfur” page, which has links to Crisis Group’s reports and opinion pieces on the conflict, details of our advocacy efforts to date, links to other resources, and information on what you can do to support Crisis Group’s efforts.

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