Reza Pahlavi of Iran’s message on the occasion of Persian New Year

By Reza Pahlavi

Esta mensagem do Ano Novo Persa é muito importante pois mostra como o descendente da Casa Real é um moderado que quer o fim do regime islâmico com uma democracia favorável aos interesses nacionais iranianos. Tema a seguir

Translated Excerpts of Reza Pahlavi of Iran’s message on the occasion of Norouz 1386 (Persian New Year 2007):
. . . The Persian New Year, Norouz, reminds us that no power can suppress or hold back the natural and fundamental desires of humans; whether they are in pursuit of happiness, bettering of lives, or finding sanctity and peace within the arms of law, order and freedom.
. . . Norouz has withstood much tumult throughout the millennia, resiliently serving as a symbol of resistance against untold assaults on our rich culture and prideful heritage.
. . . This year, however, I am deeply sorrowed over the serious and very grave circumstances facing our homeland -- to spiritedly wish you a joyous celebration of Norouz. We face real and unprecedented danger. Our homeland is confronted with an abyss, threatened with sanctions, violence and destruction, even partitioning, at the hands of adversaries, both domestic and foreign.
. . . The clerical regime, its principals, values and nature being the root cause of our national ills is faced with two choices: the continuation of its adventurism, reckless and rogue behavior; or, reversal of course, concession and compromise of its very principals. Unfortunately neither scenario bodes in favor of our national interests, for our national ills are deep and our problems vast -- all rooted in the nature of a regime whose end must come if we are to have a chance to renew our nation for a better future.
. . . We, as a nation, are endowed with an ancient heritage that has gifted mankind a great plenty: great statesmen, prominent leaders and pioneers in multitude of fields. The destiny of our nation should not be determined at the hands of an incompetent, corrupt and inept few. Iran and Iranians deserve better!
. . . As spring renews our day, I reaffirm my commitment to you and our homeland. Above and beyond all personal ambitions and interests we must join ranks, move forward and find our way towards the end goal.
May your new-year be victorious?God Bless Iran

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