The World's Riskiest Web Domains

What makes a domain more appealing to the Web's evil-doers? Price and anonymity. Spammers must constantly change domains to avoid filtering and blacklisting by e-mail service providers, anti-spam programs and Internet service providers. Registration costs, while often less then $10 a site, quickly multiply. That's why Tokelau, which gives out domains for free, may be a popular hideout for dubious sites.

The World's Riskiest Web Domains:

No. 1: Tokelau (.tk)
No. 2: Information (.info)
No. 3: Samoa (.ws)
No. 4: Romania (.ro)
No. 5: Commercial (.com)
No. 6: Business (.biz)
No. 7: Russia (.ru)
No. 8: Network (.net)
No. 9: Families and Individuals (.name)
No. 10: Slovakia (.sk)

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