Got'a dance, by Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers ( de André Bandeira)

But why doesn't she look at me, when she passes by? And whenever she passes by, the whole world is filled with Grace, only because of Love. She doesn't walk, she dances and I can't dance by her side 'cause I fear Grace. The widows of every Mayo Square dance alone and in that beautiful scene of "Zorba, the Greek", Anthony Quinn, devastated as he was for his young son's death, pulls Alan Bates to the seaside and begins to dance with him, the way Greeks do, as brothers in arms, with empty hands challenging the wind of Destiny. And what about that young and scared norwegian who was kidnapped in Kashmir and finally was the only one who ended up beheaded? He was a dancer, who dared to go there to study the mixture of cultures, which were neither muslim nor indian, and sitll they couldn't let a dancer quiet in his chair. Did he ask for his last three minutes of dancing alone in the Universe, so that Heaven might cry?

Got'a dance, Got'a dance! I don't know what to say, I don't know how to judge, my mind is humble and insufficient for condemning the guilty. But my body moves, it raises from the chair, my arms want to wave in the air. What shall I do? I cannot stop, I just cannot stand still.

Go everybody to the center of Beyrouth and Telaviv, and dance between Israelis and the Hezbollah. You Taliban, get out of the ranks where is forbidden to dance and begin to dance, even if it is only two of you. Like Priscus and Verus who had to fight each other in the quarry so that the gladiators sponsors could notice them, and release them to the arena where they fought each other till dawn, and the Public had to award freedom,finally, to both of them. Or like the besieged from Sagaste, who, though starving and thirsty, decided to get out of the walls and face Scipio, the African, dancing. You soldiers, get out of the ranks, don't lesson to the bombs, neither to shots, nor to your commanders, throw your helmets down and begin to dance. 'Cause I don't know how to speak, but my body is my mind and my mind is my body. And I know that when the paramedic, raised the first child's limb, from the rubble of Qanah to the stretcher, this Sunday, he raised the holy body of Christ. It was in Qanah where Jesus danced, where Jesus was gay and happy. So, Got' a dance. Even the nuns and monks are dancing, even the Pope is dancing! You' ve never seen a blind man or a person on a wheelchair dancing, or even a deaf. But I did. You may have seen the Maori dancing their impressive war dance, but you didn't see the maori families dancing when they visited each other over the South Pacific Islands, something which happened once in a lifetime. But Heaven saw it! Let's go to the South of Beyrouth and dance, dance till we fall exhausted to the ground.

Olmert says his people was losing the pleasure of life, because of Hezbollah's missiles. So, open the doors, go to the streets and come out dancing, be brave enough to dance, 'cause the birds in the sky don't fly, they dance. And leaves don't shiver, it is trees which dance. And compared to dancing, be it the touching jewish way, shoulder to shoulder, or the heartening arabic way, so subtle, only seeing a child sleeping like an angel, is better.

Come on, Fred Astaire, raise from the dead, and show them how it is.

Got'a dance!

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