Evil as mainstream, by ‘Hannah Arendt”

The constant footage of innocent children, slaughtered by bombs ( as well as their severed limbs, even before beginning to decompose, which makes them look like toys parts), of old women crying, once more in a thousand times, after having lost the few they had, as well as blood pounds in the ground, may lead to a moral nightmare. One finds himself, more and more watching these things on TV, at the same time he’s having a chat with his family or even eating. Paradoxically, the profis of Death in Battle, the Soldiers, are only shown in mourning ceremonies.

This doesn’t mean that the work of journalists is not one of the most valid in our times, and there are no words, grateful enough to emphasize the mitigating role they have, some of them at the cost of their own lives, as they make public and denounce atrocities on civilians such as themselves. In a way, the mainstream of journalism, pulls to the stage, mainstream people, everyday life which is not taken seriously in historical decisions.

But, if the most outrageous things go on pouring into our private lives at this pace, one will tend to take them as only one more matter of observation. That means that the horror which should determine the change from notation to action or refusal, within our minds, will be reduced to the self-exam of an opinion. In other words: the adolescent extracted from the rubble in any place won’t be a terrible loss but a liability. This leads to a nightmare, the one that someone is counting bodies within our head and that he dictates when and where to count. Instead of an Attitude, you’ll end up having an Account.

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