A beggar told me, by Globetrotter

1 - Liberty, Dignity, Mercy.
2 - People suffer with no words, because of a look, because of a scent, because of a wind. Praying every day means to rebuild a human bridge above all these things.
3 - Structuralism was the manipulation of those who acceeded to speak. Public sphere was sending them to the arena. Bureaucracy was the nightmare of confronting them with the fact that body language was stronger than the verbal one. And finally, post-modernism: so many amusements and happinesses, just to keep Agression intact.
4 - Moral law in me, starry sky above. It takes two poles: a lonely monologue is the Universe.
5 - Existence is only History ans History is mostly slavery.
6 - God is a blow of wind over the lawn of things.
7 - Always forgive and give away in this valley of tears. The ether betwwen things, the fluid with an impulsion force to make them surface, is patience.
8 - Everytime you win, lose a little bit, not to smash the others. Everytime you lose, win a litle bit not to let the others fall upwards, emboldened. Be the Moon of the Sun and the Sun of the Moon, so as to hold the roof of the Universe.
9 - Do we really return to the same place? Yes, we do, but with bits of our freedom eroded, just because we have to go to some place. The place may be different but that's the way we go, which makes it seem the same.
10 - Agression is born from Ignorance. And repetition it's its midwife.
11 - Koffi Annan, the wise ghanese said: capitalism is an ugly portrait of the world, so that the world may mirror itself as ugly. Every nation, either little or big, is a possibility of mankind: it's the bee inside which designs the perfect shape of the honeycomb, not any queen bee.
12 - The americans never speak of the qualities of being iranian. Because a rogue-state is even better than a national state.
13 - Both in Iraq and in Iran people has showed what it wanted, as Democracy requires. So, neither Democracy nor the will of the People is the basis for Peace.
14 - The best way of surviving is navigating the waves with no fixed helm. Better than revolutionary new laws, it's following old faiths.
15 - Longing for some old beauty, is a way of cure.

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