Welcome back Benedictus, by Globetrotter

The Pope's visit was fine. He showed he is a consumate Diplomat. After all his successes, we feel tempted to say: let's take care of God and Mankind, since Religions are all in the same wavelength. It is no longer a question of cult but a question of belief.
The consequences, as the fruits, show how the stem has been grafted. Benedict the XVI, meant what Emperor Paleologus said, once, in a gust of rage.This shows that the Academic Ratzinger has a heart. The same heart that he shows when he decides to turn to Mecca, and pray for something better for all. God is certainly in Mecca as He was in Jerusalem, towards which early Christians used to kneel and pray, just like modern Muslims.
Maybe his doctrine of Love is more than a doctrine. I hope this old man begins to peregrinate as much as his health allows him, as Valentim of Faust, the brother of Margaret, the one which Mephisto assassinated, just because Mephisto couldn't hear him aproach, singing gaily and fearless as a german soldier. Mephisto couldn't stand Die Freude which we hear in Beethoven, he couldn't stand the Happiness which grows with no reason, nor time, in the voices of the Choir. As that brasilian song where the abandonned women just says: one day, in front of the mirror I just find myself singing.
And this time Mephisto, with the beauty of our weapons, we'll fight for Valentim.

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