Leaves in the Autumn wind, by Globetrotter

1 - Time eases things, because they are not definite. Time, contrariwise to Spacetime, is not the curbed vertigo of a boomerang. Time is another name for the Destiny of things.
2 - Everything comes back as it once was, but we're no longer the same. Therefore, not even everything comes back as it was. Love this young beautiful woman who comes up to your life when you're no longer young, but do not touch her. You became equals, despite the difference of age, and you cannot touch your own image in the mirror.
3- Everything is illusion, beginning with the one that you are about to wake up of a dream.
4 - It was a serious an strained atmosphere. As in a brothel.
5 - They're telling us the whole story. You only know it, in the end.
6 - The man who as a strategy, is like a compulsive rapist. Something builds up without a bone. Everything is made up of gristle and impatience.
7 - Do not amuse yourself. Amusement leaves you exhausted. So many happy hours, so few reality.
8 - Hangover: phantasy, abstraction and experience.
9 -Do not wait for the perfect situation so as to show your value. Surrender straight away, and every time, even in the struggle where someone replaced the plough by the gun, in your honest hands. When you'll ask what's happening, the night would have fallen for long.
10 - Take everyone seriously. But never take seriously, Seriousness itself.
11 - After all, pornogrphy was a luxury of the poor in order to look like rich. Were the poor guilty? No, It was the rich's fault because, besides being rich, they wanted to seem it.
12 - The mirror of the world is a mirror's tent in a fair. We inflate and shrink until we feel as a throng. We switch off our mind but the light never goes down in the fair.
13 - Walk slowly, as if the mind had condensated by itself, every step of the way, causing us a difficult breath. Mind condensates and crystalizes not because anything in us is missing but because crystalizing is proper to the mind. Medecine: never hope in the mind. Diet: never try to put an icon for hope.
14 - If there is something frightening, that is to fight an entire life for something and when that thing, finally is at hand, one gets overwhelmed by laziness and laughter. One has to know how to stand the way not only in desolation but also in Fortune. And the way is like taking sedatives: people take them to sleep but when they wake up, fresh and anew, they think they slept naturally.
15 - One of the signs of Liberty is precisely the one of changing, more than once, of Ideology. It shows both that persons are more important than ideologies and, most of all, that ideologies are less important than persons.


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