John Bolton, by Globetrotter

Beware of the smashing victors. With John Bolton, there it goes the last pillar of neo-conservantism. And, as the time goes by, the scales begin to fall from our eyes. Koffi Annan calls what is happenning in Iraq exactly as it is: a carnage. I know, he didn't use these words but nobody would call that a civil war, because a so-called national Government in Baghdad is just holding the illusion of national unity thanks to a stubborn, incompetent Administration of a Powerful country which props it up. The Sunnis do not recognize Al-Maliki's Government and Moqtada Al-Sadr doesn't recognize the limits of a non-sectarian Government. Al-Maliki will be as a kind of Al-Assad in Damascus, with a secular appearance and less resolve in terms of resorting to raw violence, just because the violence is monopolized by a foreign power. Saddam could stand against Assad in the same secularist style, but Al-Maliki is just a false secularist, performing that part, only to keep the americans killing sunnis. The policy of Bush was the most incompetent of the last hundred years in the United States, his allies in Europe can't any longer recycle their obnoxious philo-americanism and the neo-cons will be registered in History as the most stupid of the american leftists. As Patrick Moyhinan marked the fall of Jimmy Carter, the demise of his follower in the UN, will mark, in a reverse way, the fall of Bush. Do not think that old-style conservatives, as Donald Rumsfeld will fill up the void caused by the incompetence of Paul Wolfovitz or Robert Kagan. Conservatives as Condolleezza Rice or John Bolton have their own personal Agenda and they do not belong to the same Club.
But beware of the euphoric victors, because the Democrats are so different among themselves as the opportunism in the idea of an American Century. The fact that some red nightmares are dedicating their victory to an ailing Fidel Castro, from a balcony in Venezuela, or that Monroe's backyard, in latin and central Amaerica, is turning into a marxist dream, is just frightening.
As President Lula described his victory, it was one of those from "Down under" over the others "Up above". But the wheel of Fortune is round, and the ones who are winning now, are already spotted all over, with arrogance, corruption, ignorance and rivalry.
Beware of the winners of today. John Bolton even managed to do a good job and do not expect, coarse conservatives such as him, to retire this way. There is place and urgent need for balance, the one, the person John Bolton despised when he led his consulate as Under-Secretary of State of Non-Proliferation and Arms Control, as a brinkmanship lawyer. His career ended up in the United Nations because what is needed there, it is a Diplomat, not a Lawyer. The harm of Rightists is that they look for honours, not for the common good.
There will be other John Boltons besides this particular one, who was a pillar for a doctrine he didn't believe.
Rightwingers hold the plane from the right. The victory of the third-world leftism is so coherent as the exchanges between Ahmedinejad and Chávez, or the speeches of this latter in themselves.
But, now, the only thing which remains from Bolton that's his moustache. A moustache doesn't make a leader, exactly as the son of a President, doesn't make a Statesman.

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