Contra os sonhos geopolíticos!

Os sonhos geopolíticos sobre o Iraque crescem todos os dias. Os escapistas do espírito que julgam que não há terroristas e os imperialistas que só têm toda a força do mundo. Robert Whealey vem pôs pontos nos iis e traços nos tt.
Robert Whealey says: Christopher Jones and Tim Brown both seem to be floundering about Iraq in a state of confusion. Here is my reply:
1. There are no easy solutions.
2. A political solution is the only way out of Iraq.
3. Military action and police action has never caused any Muslim, Christian, or Jew to give up his religion.
4. The U.S. government can not label anybody a "terrorist" in Iraq, because the US supposedly is not sovereign in that territory.
5. The U.S. Department of Justice needs a new law defining exactly what constitutes a terrorist act in any of the 50 States. Each of the 50 states need to define what is a terrorist act in their own jurisdictions.
6. Tim Brown should drop the term "appeasement" which died an unlamented death in Britain in May 1940. I never heard of a single American politician who believed in appeasement. Republican politicians who called Senator Eugene McCarthy and Senator George McGovern from 1968 to 1972 "appeasers" were making cheap shots.
7. The Communists died in the USSR in 1991. There are Communists in the PRC who are now watchfully waiting to see the Americans waste their men and capital in Iraq. The PRC watched the US government waste its own men and capital in Indochina 1954 to 1975.
8. Christopher Jones is biased for Muslims and against Israelis and American Jews but I would not call him an "appeaser." I have no idea what he thinks about the Indochina disaster.
9. Presidents Johnson and Nixon did not know what they wanted to get out of Indochina.
10 George Bush II has no idea what he wants out of the Greater Middle East and has overreached his capabilities. This brings us back to point 1; there are no easy solutions.

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