RONALD HILTON: The African summit in Libya hosted by Qadhafi went off smoothly, but it was a disgusting affair. He is up to his old business of posing as the leader of Africa. The group refused to condemn the monster Mugabe. It demanded that the aid offered by the Blair-sponsored summit be given without restrictions, and rejected any reference to the obvious corruption of many of its leaders. It demanded that aid be given to all African countries, not just to the poor ones. As a result of all this, my low opinion of African leaders has sunk even deeper, and I am questioning Blair's judgment.

MENDO HENRIQUES: My warmful support to Ron's appreciation of African Leaders and specially the disgusting dear leader Green Book Greenbuck Qadhafi boy. Last Summer, I was invited to teach a university course in Luanda, Angola. My 5 star hotel had the web in the room. The street in front was not paved. African oligarchs abuse of the absence of a middle class in Africa. Transparence is not enough to correct corruption because the patrimonialist tradition of African population admits the enrichment of leaders, even at their own expense. Africa needs will of justice, be it dispensed by churches, the only civil society over there, or by civic movements. Perhaps masons should dedicate more attention to Africa. ( I am not a Mason)

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