From Guns to Grass, by André Bandeira

Guenther Grass did what he wanted to do, when it pleased him so.
Somebody else allowed his silence, on condition he didn't touch some points. So he could make fire at random, at his will.
One of those obscure points was the possibility of interrogating Germany without a shadow of a doubt on his side. As a matter of fact, only a guy which had a big stain on his shirt, but a big cafetan all over, could work as the emperor's joker and pose questions freely. Everybody knows that freedom is only a starting point and, this way, he had a solid starting box under his feet.
He provided a service to the self-imagery of Germany, after the war, for many years long, and he did it as if following a series of mortgage instalments.
Only a volunteer, as he once was, and a not very well chosen one, would be able to do it and make business out of it.
Now, he payed all his bill, after he accomplished this unloading.
But a liar in late is so bad as a non reliable source.
We do not care about Grass´s guilt. There is an entire nations' too.
We certainly acquit him. But we'll never trust him again, even after his death. We shan't advice his books to young people, and young people won´t find charisma in his work. He cared so much about his own aftermath but he only managed to be a consumated successful actor.
He was funny as Democracy is.
They say that Democracies don't fight each other. But Mars, the god of war is older than Athena. He hits, and runs. Maybe Grass was only a Cold War Institution...

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