Aphorisms at the end of Summer, by André Bandeira

1 - The sight of Beauty may cause some hormonal expectations which lead to the rejection and repugnance of ugliness. That's why ugly people do not bring with them, the so-called luck. They cut short, at sight, a certain degree of satisfaction which comes before fruition.

2 - The murder of God caused a creeping void. Now, that everybody is shouting and evoking God, we became colloquial with Him and we even deduce many deities from the word. That's why some Sun freaks take the Sea for a god. The Sea is unaccountably old, constant, and big. That's a god...

3 - Sensualism is very strong. We even call it Intuition.

4 - Between the world of facts and the one of words, we don't really need a cover-code, but we do need an intermediate code. We need a translator, not a dictionary. There is an ocean of complexity in between, we are part of it, every step of the way.

5 - The Ethics of Responsibility goes round in circles, even when it sums up the complexity of causes and consequences. At a certain point it spreads as the ondulatory concentric circles on the surface of a pond, which has been splashed by a stone. Every ethics becomes incorporated, embedded within facts. That's why the surface of the pond becomes quiet again. The one to change, that's the way we see it, not the pond.

6 - Identifying Reality by means of dividing it into things, certainly breaks the ungraspable flux of the mind. But this flux has made a thing out of us, long before we were tired of riding it.

7 - The feeling of Guilt, as any other Attribute, doesn't require a case to be there, in order to make itself conspicuous. There wouldn't be really anything without attribution. But the feeling of Guilt, in abstract, is just a Symbol of the wish for happinness, in rough times. In darkness, a diamond feels like a stone.

8 - Pan-sexuality, as they call it now, will be soon expanded to children. It has to do with the relentelessness of an unfulfilled desire. Is it possible to live unsatisfied, just for the sake of Beauty? Yes, it is. Because Desire is Life kicking inside our veins and more important than the statue of Venus, that's the Sunlight which sets it on.

9 - "Let's have lunch together", says a businessman to the the other, on the phone. Regular meals should be avoided by people who love and have to behave as urban guerrillas to go on loving.

10 - Masculine, that's the nature of willing. Fulfilment is feminine. Half of the world is waiting for the willing of the other half, to manifest. But Will doesn't come up for the sake of fulfilment.

12 - In the current state of affairs, where some master is manipulating pendulums and procedures to tame and lead any kind of awareness, it is good to have a constant point of view, even if it is the wrong one.

13 - Decision doesn't mean mastering the world. As a matter of fact, the one who decides, proceeds to the ablation of a part of the world. And he stays aside. That's why decision is not from this world, and requires a world beyond this one, which is never proven and which doesn't make part of the decision. Is it only a fiction? No. It is pure imagination. But without imagination we would never be able to decide and make our own, human world. Furthermore, we make it human precisely because it is not decided and made, neither in the same state of mind, nor in the same wave length of the world. When some say that deciding the wrong way is better that not taking a decision at all, they are not sating on the content of the decision, they are saving the face of humans, who have no ultimate reason for their actions. Humans are just essentially insufficient and decision only means the reconcilitiation with this insufficiency.

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