The Killing News by Globetrotter

Chavez made his speech. But he overlooked the rules. He doesn’t even know the limitations of the spoken word, since the dawn of times, especially in the place where he pronounced them…this said, in our times. Clinton referred that Chavez’s words won’t do any harm to the United States, but only to him and his country. What did he mean? Not Chavez who was crystal sharp, but Clinton, who could be interpreted has if he meant that everybody knows Bush Jr. for a demon and the enunciation of that fact doesn’t skip the duress of keeping him in power. Chavez had in his hand a book of Noam Chomsky, a genial Linguist who happens to be an idol of the 68’s generation. But that was only a coincidence, since Chavez doesn’t need a Linguist to make the headlines and Chomsky doesn’t need to weigh his words to have an impact. Reading we are: we even read the models’faces to guess whether their bodies are skinny enough not to pass the exam of Spanish catwalks…because we cannot avoid thinking of their tempting bodies, since “we like it like that”, as Kylie Minogue sings. Reading we go: the Pope’s speech and an old Byzantine Emperor’s words. As Chavez is in rage, so was the Emperor. Ali Sistani, the Shiite ayatollah of Iraq who avoided a bloodbath just after the invasion of that country was once declared as a Nobel Peace prize pretender and some images of him, had been, then, divulged, depicting the old man while reading the Qur’an. He smiled. That’s why holy Books are sacred: God speaks through a century-old tradition and often reveals Himself to the good-faith reader.
But we read too much. Nothing is definitely coded in the things we chase. Jesus didn’t have a personal Library. In Qanah he was happy once, earthly happy in the middle of the other’s happiness. He even performed his first miracle, after scolding His Mother, because He thought that His time hadn’t arrived yet. But He didn’t know that His time had indeed arrived. He didn’t have a personal computer with a pre-programmed pre-emptive signal.
A nun was liquidated in Somalia. So was her Somali body guard. News says that it had nothing to do with the outrage at the Pope’s words. Three Christians were executed in Indonesia, after five years of trial on the genocidal riots with Muslims in 2000. The courts in Indonesia are not great, neither the respect for Human life. And on we read. After being aware and informed, we find ourselves in a line of battle which engulfed us, unawares. Do we want it? Do we really think that there are not ways to settle things without killing or providing good kills? Killing doesn’t happen any time – one has often to have inculcated in his mind that he’s just defending himself. When was the last time we purified our thoughts and impressions, or, at least, put them in order? We certainly have the right to have and express an opinion. But we have the duty of living and allow living.

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