News of the World, by Globetrotter

The poor Irwin died. But his death was registered in video, as most of his life. He was a good, benevolent ape-man, who decided to climb back the genealogical tree of other erect apes and try to live in harmony with Nature. His legacy remains, as the snapshot of his sincere, childish face, tenderly rubbing a baby crocodile, does. Australians are some of those outcasts from the western world, who were unfortunate and fortunate enough to sleep tight in Nature’s arms. They got a little bit of kangaroo, ostrich and of crocodile; they found their identity in a Continent where Nature managed to stay in a closed circuit for many years of the historic era. In the meantime, another ailing ape-man says that the worst is already gone, but not for his ailing people. Hunger and humiliation may justify shooting but never a State, except in a rough mind, could justify the death of a single man. And this ailing Fidel, now, flows in the cheering and tears he didn’t shed for the lonely losers he pushed to the execution wall, at desolate dawns. We should do everything we can to get him a nice wheel-chair and a nice sailing to a peaceful port of exile: he’s about to fight his worst battle, the one we all have to fight alone. There will be no chaos, after his departure and, at least, this rough and heartless ruler would be absorbed by the Past, which is a generous kingdom. Guenther Grass should be laughing at life. What an actor he was, how vivid, almost real he played! Will he find courage enough to say something in front of a mirror that doesn’t shed a second image, the one of Faust? I know the world is cynical but should the cynical go on receiving Nobel Prizes? They say that only mediocrity sticks to coherence, but he has been always coherent, a coherent liar. The Taliban are fighting back. They do not want to be free. They want to be themselves. Nobody wants to be free before being himself. In Israel everything is in turmoil. There are suspicions that the President himself and the Minister of Justice have raped or harassed someone. But P.M. Olmert justified the track of war because people were losing the pleasure of life, out of Hezbollah’s rockets. I guess there are many more reasons for the Israelis, who have the sacred right to live and exist where they deserved to be, for being depressed. And clap your hands, clap your hands! The British, French, Italian and German soldiers who have been summarily executed in the end of the First World War, on grounds of cowardice, have been finally rehabilitated. The news was discreet but the lesson stays. Some rebelled but these ones suffered alone in a living hell. May we finally hold their livid and desolate hands. Notorious women are running for Presidents. Behind a Great woman, there is always a cupid man.

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