Strange Bedfellows USA_Pakistan, por Alberto Gutierrez e Christopher Jones

Alberto Gutiérrez wrote: "As for Pakistan, considering that Osama bin Laden is sheltered somewhere in a northeast Pakistani sector , I hesitate to call that country a US ally no matter what General Pervez Musharraf may say. A lifeline from Pakistan also reaches the Taliban movement in Afghanistan." Christopher Jones comments: Alberto is correct of course, but I would like to take this onto its logical, and deadly conclusion. The Taliban was always supported by Pakistan, and in particular by its military particularly in the days of the Soviet client state in Kabul. In fact, it is fairly well known that the Taliban offered the Americans to hand OBL over before the 9/11 attacks, an offer which was rebuffed. After the attacks, the Americans conveniently covered this tidbit up, as to cover up their own incompetence. Regarding Pakistan as an ally of the US, it is indeed curious in light of the Pakstani nuclear bomb and its missle program. While the US huffs and puffs about the Iranian nuclear facility, it is very quiet about the Pakistani nuclear weapons program -- in a country that has supported the Taliban and is the probable home for OBL. Being a US ally has distinct advantages if you are a military dictator.