A declaração de Mecca

A declaração de Mecca foi assinada em 21 outubro de 2006, por 56 clérigos muçulmanos iraquianos ( Sunni e Shi'a) sob os auspícios Organização da Conferência islamica. É uma condenação dura em termos religiosos do terrorismo ao estilo da al-Qaeda islâmica, mas permanece ignorada.
A declaração de Mecca vem na sequência da fatwa de 11 de março 2005 por 41 clérigos muçulmanos em Espanha; (b) da fatwa de 30 de março 2005 dos muçulmanos contra o terrorismo (FMAT) em Washington; e a fatwa de 17 Maio 2005 por 58 clérigos, juristas e professores do Paquistão.
Ao ignorar osesforços dos "muçulmanos moderados" contra o assassinato em nome da Jihad agora considerad apostasia, o Ocidente deixa-se arrastar pela estúpida e arrogante liderança americana. Deixem os muçulmanos entender-se sobre que Jihad (luta) e Itjihad ( esforço de reinterpretação) desejam...!

Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahimi
In the Name of God, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

We the scholars of Iraq, from both the Sunnis and the Shiites, having met in Makkah Al-Mukarramah in Ramadan of the Lunar Hijra year of 1427H (2006) and deliberated on the situation in Iraq and the disastrous plight of the Iraqi people, issue and proclaim the following Declaration:
The crimes committed on sight on grounds of sectarian identity or belonging, such as those now being perpetrated in Iraq, fall within the ambit of “wickedness, and mischief on the earth”, which was prohibited and proscribed by Almighty God: (...)
The espousal of a school of thought, whatever it may be, is not a justification for killing or aggression, even if some followers of that school commit a punishable act since:(...)

Any provocation of sensitivities or sectarian, ethnic, geographical, or linguistic strife should be shunned and averted. Similarly, any name-calling, abuse, or vilification and invectives uttered by any one party in attack on another should be avoided in view of the express prohibition by the Holy Quran, which labeled such conduct as “blasphemy”:

Certain things and principles should never be forfeited, including in particular the unity, cohesion, cooperation, and solidarity in piety and righteousness, which should all be preserved and protected against any attempt to tear them asunder(...)

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