Living under a Remote Control, by Globetrotter

1 - There is a debate in Britain about the use of the headdress by muslim women. After Romano Prodi, Jack Straw and Prime-Minister Blair joined in, my barber has a say.He tells me, in the style of Gen. Dannart, the Commander-in-Chief of British Armed Forces: "you should have an haircut sometime soon". What does my hair have to do with a civil war in Iraq or muslim women, walking around in veils? Simple. One shouldn't be what he looks like: I, as a woman, a muslim woman as an equation, Blair as a liar and a British soldier, as an undertaker.
2 - An accident in Rome, in the railway: a young woman of thirty, a researcher in Statistics, dies and she is the only dead among one hundred casualties. She is the only one, and the trains of Rome stopped on her, only for a day. One week before there was a drill in Rome, over the simulation of a terrorist attack, in a scenario of hundreds of casualties.

3 - The small Embrayer plane which caused the death of 155 people in what has been called the biggest tragedy of brazilian aviation, had its transponder set at an inaudible level, during 15 minutes, while navigating in the same channel of the fallen plane. The pilots had lowered the sound. But they were not their own passengers' terrorists. Moreover, they showed such a cold blood that they managed to rescue 7 passangers in a situation where the probability of success is very low. The pilots on the big plane, did all they were supposed to do but they didn't succeed.

4 - Experts say that the clues in Anna Politkovskaya murder certainly lead to the young and handsome Head of the pro-Russian Chechen Government, Ismail Khadirov, who vehemently denied his responsability in the slain of any woman. The motives behind the stabbing to death of another journalist, this turn, the head of the powerful News agency Itar-Tass, seem diverse. What do they have in common? Many things. One of them could be the commonality of sensations between a conscient man who's penetrated several times by a naked blade and the a terrified woman, in a narrow lift cabin, being dilacerated by four gunshots.

6 - Marc Foley was the Chairman of a Commission in the US Senate, responsible for children who had been missing or abused.

7 - Kim Jong-Il and his government have taken the UN Resolution as "an act of war". They are talking of a set of words and injunctions from what seems to be the closest possible to such a thing as an "international community". And what this latter, whatever it may be, has put in common, are the ways and ends of avoiding war. An act of war stops short of waging it, but the utterance of "war" saves us from these technicalities.

8 - We remember people in Washington preaching the goodness of bombing Teheran, waving a flask with a white powder inside, philosophizing on the compellance of pre-emptive attacks to pursue the universal and basic right to Democracy. Where are they gone, now? Did a daring Dictator, somewhere in the Far-East, clap his hands and made them fly away as a flock of sparrows? No. They just have to pass from words to deeds and they're learning that a deed, among a collection of people, is something different from emptying a square. They may not look back when they step alone in an arena but people do look around whenever they fill it.

9 - Experts speak of more than half a million people dead, after three years of "Iraqi Freedom", but the report may not be credible. A powerful terrorist army has proclaimed an islamic State in the West and center of Iraq, but that's not credible. Is Saddam Hussein going to be hanged or shot? Either of both is credible. If Bin Laden may be either killed on the run or brought to Justice, what difference does it make one more drop of blood on the tree of Liberty?

10 - One hundred sailors from Sri Lanka were killed ashore, while travelling back to their homes on a holiday. The wild, wild sea didn't like their prayers. They exhausted all of them during the tsunami and the attackers were blind long before the wave had arisen in the horizon.

11 - In Portugal people discuss the legal Right of resorting to Abortion until 10 weeks of pregnancy. Maybe they'll discuss one day the Right of resorting to Euthanasia, until 10 weeks of longevity. One thing has nothing to do with the other, except, the fact that a decision has to be taken.

12 - Michele Bachelet, the Chilean Prime-Minister, was once tortured, side by side, with her mother, by the military of Pinochet. She never managed to put this latter in prison. She didn't like, either, the speech which Chávez, the President of Venezuela, made recently at the United Nations.

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