Oops, I did it again! by Globetrotter

Tonight, on stage, the actors improvise. But only tonight, because tomorrow their improvisation will be embedded in the script itself. No more beginnings. Lavoisier just kicks off one more round in the carousel that never stops. Kim, the improbable Powerful, is already accelerating the carousel where he stepped in: "next time, if you, Americans, are not flexible enough, I'll launch one of my nuclear missiles, "which nobody knows for sure, whether it will really take off or fall, nose down, on the neighborhood. Look at Ahmedinejad: he came all the way from being depicted as "Wanted", side by side with Osama b.Laden, up to the point of glittering in prime-time, on CNN. We are even compelled to believe that the much more exposed and primitive nuclear program of Teheran, is now less threatening than the one of North Korea, and even relieved because they'll always have terrorists as an option.

Security is no longer an affair of State, neither an affair of Nations. Security is no longer a rumour to exploit day to day, by a restless journalist, dopped in miracle and wonder. Security is denial, precisely as the Hungarians are doing, now, everyday, in front of their Parliament.

The stop-and-go of US fireworks is coming to an end, just as euphoria doesn't tackle depression, but exhausts the patient. After all, the "American Century" of neo-conservatism, only managed to radicalize Islam, which could be wordly-going, but didn't carve a springborad, to make American universalism bounce back as the "Empire of Evil", once, did. Experts say that, more than the Afghan war, the USSR collapsed because of Ronald Reagan's Star Wars, which led Moscow to neglect russian consummer standards, in order to cope with the arms race. Now, the West finds itself in the same situation. Preventive wars and pre-emption only managed to spin more pre-emptions round and covert actions made the hunter weary of his own dog. Worse than that: pre-emptive wars only succeeded ( if they'll ever do) in weak States.

We shouldn't care whether Condie Rice, or Senator Foley, or Rudolph Giuliani are going to rebound. We should care of ourselves, with the means we have, even if they're parochial, philistine or primitive, such as Nation, Tradition and Frontier. The world wasn't redesigned after the dissolution of the USSR because the bedrock of brave new worlders has always been shlugginess.

It may be that we won't have nothing else than our fingers to write on the water but that will probably keep us afloat on a tide that nobody is able to predict. Maybe marxists are putting their Champagne bottles on the rocks, to celebrate the end of the capitalist society, in thirty years or so. But they will be blind by that time...they won't even remember where the fridge was.


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