Religion is just Hate and Will of Power, by Globetrotter

Freedom and Democracy have just arrived to the Amish Community in America.
Instead of living their own way which is never free, since it is autonomous and requires the reference to some recurring perfectionism and self-sacrifice, the Amish are now envisaging to carry guns.
After surviving almost intact to wars, aggressive nationalisms, persecutions, in Europe, now they must ( they have) to share the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution, renounce their abhorrence of guns and carry them as any regular citizen of the Brave New World.
As a matter of fact, they were one of the building blocks of America, the guardians of the pure stream which flows from our conscience and not from our appetite.
Now, they just have to be like anyone else. They'll have to lesson to radio because of Police alerts, watch soap-operas and real life shows to defuse stress, hold mobile phones for security reasons, have someone else's bishop, go to church every Sunday, even Drive-in churches with coca-cola and fodder for the horses.
One of the signs that New York was raising from the ashes after September 11, was the reappearance of an Amish vendor who used to offer a large variety of biological products, at the underground entrance in the Rockfeller center ( we call them "biological products" despite the fact that they are the same products that the Amish have been breeding for centuries). Be sure that just looking to the tenderness of their products would make any honest man cry.
Be democrats, be republicans, be Eagles, poor Amish dodos! God is just a taxation concept, you have to be free, you must follow democratic rules and trends, read Rosseau and the Marquis of Sade, leave the Bible for those who master ancient Languages. Your wives are certainly oppressed, your old men are not allowed to file for euthanasia, your children are being abused since you put them working on land when they are twelve and your young men have the right to wear buttoned coats, skirts and expand all the gaiety inside them.
Be free, join the army to fight in the cruzade against the muslim fanatics.

And I, who just thought, you were a piece of Heaven on Earth...

Today I'm Amish, and I share the pain you feel, knowing for certain that your clean hands hold the keys of Peter.

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