It's Kerry, it's Sudan; it's Bush it's Iran.... yeahhh!

Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Susan Rice wrote a thought provoking article back in August regarding the Darfur situation in Sudan (article. What i find disturbing about the Darfur issue is that this has been an issue that has been difficult to put in the global limelight with regularity despite the fact that more violent deaths appear to have occurred and atrocities committed in this conflict over the last 3 years than Iraq and Afghanistan combined, yet nary a word compared to even some pop star's latest shenanigans appear in the mainstream western press. One might rhetorically ask how many, even amongst those who pay attention to world events, can even discuss intelligently the basic issues surrounding the Darfur conflict much less provide cogent insight into how the dilemma might be resolved? http://www.brook.edu/views/articles/rice/20050807.htm
It is a tremendously complex situation to be sure if looked at from a purely geo-political perspective, though very simple if looked at through the lens of the spiritual concept of the oneness of humanity. In the geo-political sense, the interactions and machinations of the various players are mind-bogglingly Byzantine. To give a flavor as to the difficulty of the situation i'll present just a few of the problems. For those not aware of details of the Darfur situation a good website that keeps track can be found at http://www.sudantribune.com.


CN said...

é uma inércia criminosa motivada pelo conluio na partilha do petróleo da região.
a vida humana não vale nada.

mch said...

isso é verdade. mas o problema é que a vida humana vale o suficiente para ser explorada pela ideologia globalista americana do trabalho barato.