A crush for Condoleezza, by Globetrotter

Fisherman say that the surface of the Sea is like a face. It hides and reveals many things to happen.
Is it me or is it my imagination, but is it happening something new with Condoleezza Rice?
She is getting more beautiful as if she knew something we don't even guess.
But we, sailor's race, we know. We know why Ebony covers the splendour of the golden sun; Because we know, that the colours of life, when they hold together, they do not get white, they get dark. And we know how tenderness hides in a somber look, how the magnetism of life grabs our heart, when the sunlight flows down a dark face and makes it shine as a golden secret.
She's shining more than the handful of black actrices who managed to rut a career in Hollywood. She may have no future and she's now, probably slipping out of the chains of duty and grandeur. Is she going to let surface that dignity of black America, that jelly which flows out of the whip wounds, that music in shining summer dawns that holds the lips together and make the eyes illuminate the sun with the splendour of shadow?
I hope it will. And even my heart gets captive if Condoleeza is growing happy. She deserves it and there is somebody out there who always deserved the blessing beauty of Condoleezza.
Yes it's Summer, Summer of St. Martin who gave away his mantle.

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