Trainspotting these days long, by Globetrotter

1 - Clint Eastwood, who was once even mentioned for entering into Politics, as Ronald Reagan or Arnold Schwarznegger did, is now directing a movie on the fabrication of the "heros of Iwo Jima", the marines who raised the US flag on Mount Plasma, in that terrible battlefield of WWII, for a photo which, eventually became a symbol of the "American Century". "Dirty Harry" as Eastwood was called after the series of movies portraying a dry and merciless cop where he played the main role, is somewhat confounding his reputation of a Republican, and digging into more human subjects, notably the one of manipulation made by warmongers. It's not because of the coming elections in the USA and it's only a slide in the film of an Industry. But "Dirty Harry" is flying our grandparents flag which waves the stars and stripes of Liberty but remains attached to the pole of Truth.
2 - Samuel Beckett is being quoted in US newspapers for his sentence " fail again, fail better". He also said in a much less candid moment: we'd better turn back and walk towards the "ancient lights". That's the pure stream of America: generous, relentless hope. A stream blessed by a golden light, which glitters and shivers but never glues to the river's face.
3 - Recipee for the Tirany of "Me, I and Myself": widening up to Infinity in order to pulverize the Individual. Then, divide, all the way down a gigantic Witdth into monotonous and uniform small units. Take at random any one of them, as a sample of the Whole, and keep second thoughts during this demonstration of the Universe's structure ( details make us exasperate for the Big picture and the Big picture doesn't fill our curiosity) . Thus, any Individual becomes always anything and everything, except the one who's doing the demonstration and who keeps his feelings in the shadow, before the line of Time and always out of it. Distract and forget. The Subject makes an Object out of itself and, in the name of equality, the other Subjects are reduced to plain Objects. The remaining Subject is only me, who doesn't show up: or someone else, who has no face, neither requires to be demonstrated. If I am the pressupposition of any boundless Infinity, I am more than everything and nothing expresses me.
4 - I've looked at the Soviet movie of the thirties, soundtracked by Shostakovyks, "New Babylon". After looking at this lamentation over the French Commune of Paris, in 1871, which displays the naiveté of those who took part in it, the message is clear: how deep and hard is Human Suffering! However, one lesson may be learned. A soldier of the Regiment 155 who took the side of the Communards, shouts before dying by the bayonnet on a barricade raised against the Regiments of Versailles. " You want old Paris? You'll never have it!". This is the flame behind popular rebellions: an archaic Reason, neither from Left nor from the Right, a Reason against Modernity, bound to subside, but inextinguishable. Its defeat, fuels the Love and Patience of Time under the rubble of Repression.
5 - The wine was so dry, it dried my heart out. A German soldier undiggs some human bones in Afghanistan and caresses them for Posterity. Lesson , you German Warrior: let it be known that Celts got on te move, when the spiral of a falling Comet spinned out from the Sky. They merged with birds ans bushes, brooks and bees, butterflies and nightingales, rested in fog, woke up in laughter and weeping, woven in the same mad reel. Let it be know that our flying Pipes did surrender, under the faraway bridge of Arnhem, only in the end. But next time, nor even in the end, shall they surrender! We know that Richard, the Lionheart may never return and, we do in our own trousers just because of emotion, half-mad as Robin Hood and Litte John in the dew of bushes. But an irish Legend tells that, once an Irish fiddler, took the challenge of the Devil: and the Devil lost!

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