The Juggler of Baghdad, by Globetrotter

You shall not kill, from the Old Testament, should be better translated by "You shall not murder". But it doesn't mean you just have not to premeditate murder.
Slowly, slowly the scales are falling from my eyes. Starry night above and moral Law in me. I know I may die miserable, as if I committed the suicide a frenzy Romeo threatened to, at the feet of the Friar bound to marry him, in case the stunning Juliet didn't show up...I just have to abandon any hope of anchoring my life to something which goes beyond my visible existence. But we never learn. Marshall Keitel, who was bloodthirsty, was true when he regretted in his final speech in Nuremberg, the evil and brutal regime he served. He simply asked to be executed by the Death squad. Request denied.
Slowly, slowly I recover from the hangover which brutalized my loving senses since somebody burst into them, drumming the tambourine, that the skyes were about to open. They're open for long.They're open inside us, but we do not see, we take the moral law inside us , as the starry night above.
All Arabs are now speaking of blood and revenge. All their hearts are spongy with blood. But the first explanation which comes to our lips, tastes plasma too. A fake judge, ugly as a nightmare, in executive blue shirt and phantasy tie, rattles tenths of articles of "iraqi Law" to a defiant and nice-looking oldman who's about to live forever in arab hearts. We see a man being stygmatised with death on his forefront, in front of the Cameras, and we sit on a sofa, between publicity and a handsome journalist, in the Century where doctors fight to overcome cancer and scientists dream with us of life, in a faraway planet, in a Century where generous people try to repair the man-made disasters which are going to kill thousands before the end of the year. We're idiots when we say that Saddam just reaped the fruits of the trees he planted ( what do we know? Or what did we forget about our own pleasures in Saddam's aliances?). The judge will be cursed by all of them, even the ones who triggered him. Outside the Court, 40.000 heavy armed soldiers shiver at anything which moves, in a "failed country" where about one hundred people are being executed and tortured every day, despite so many brand new uniforms, and shining machine-guns. The "international Community" has decided by means of the International Criminal Court that an international Tribunal will only judge a genocidal criminal if his own country is not able to do it. What lays outside the Court, is it a country?! Or is it a battlefield? Or is it a War? This won't be the first trial of a new shining path. This will be the last of a perfidious series begun in Nuremberg. It is precisely now that the West -- which boasted to update the world -- begins to oxidate and fall dead apart-- as Kant said -- before being really dead.
And if the "nation able to judge" is Baghdad, where does the "international community" dwell? Be prepared to die in the next decades, just for uttering these two words: international community. Remember the nice-looking Bremer shouting to the microphones "we got the man'? Our children will teach our grand-children: cover your face, you little Bremer!
Former Attorney-General Ramsay was expelled from the Court, by the ugly Judge because "he was making fun of the Trial". The "West" may be about to fall but, once, we were great.
We're simply not able to get out alone in the Wild and hold our breath at the starry night. We look in between, to the darkness, and our eyes blind deep, deep dark.
You shall not murder. Sentencing a man to death in an orderly Court is to premeditate a murder. Whoever he may be. But doing it in a Court like that, is pure assassination.
Leave the muslim face of God alone. Do not merchandize between shiites and sunnites as if it was a business opportunity you think you're seeing. You're dancing-juggling with hand-grenades.
Yes, you shall not murder.Those who take arms, not for defending what is legitimate, will perish by arms.

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