Don't pay the ferryman ( to Alexander Livtinenko), by Globetrotter

É possível silenciar um homem, mas não um Exército. É possível silenciar um Exército mas não um Homem.

Nota: a polícia britânica confirmou que Litvinenko morreu quinta-feira, dia 23 de Novembro de 2006 às 21 :21 TMG

I m sorry you didn't make it
I m sorry the Angel of Pain got his daily prey
Where you go, nobody knows
We just wait in the Acheront's banks for the next ferry
To come
The sky, there, won't dawn gay
It won't dawn at all.
We just wait for our lot of ferry.

We could revolt, we could shout and shoot
Go to the churches and pull down the bells with rage
But you took your lot of ferry

And finally we'll take ours

No, this is no joke
Your eyes looked at us
In your green prisoner's garment
Medecine tried everything it could
You died over the sweet, white rocks of Dover
As if there was a Homeland, somewhere
For an erratic soul

And now I give my hands
To yours already cold
Slipping away from mine
Over the riverbank.

Always the Angel of pain will hide his putrid filters
And always we 'll long to return
From the shores you're going to.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, my Friend,
just leave it and let it be.
The World's outrageous pain
will someday cease to be.

Alexander is now a Star,
Shining bright somewhere out there,
And will never stay appart
From this quest for Truth and Care.

Angel of Pain is no more,
Angel of Love will succeed,
Just pray to our Guardian Angel
For Sweetness to breed.

In this World of Maniac Preachers,
Of Politicians and other cannibals,
Let's have faith in good Teachers,
Like you, my Friend, and your firewalls.

Don't be sad, oh please don't cry,
I am also extremely appawled!
But what else can we do,
than hold each others' hands and pray?

mch said...

Sailor Girl,

Thank you for your words.